Recap of Beyond PowerPoint Training

Photo Credit Tiny Flowers by Emily D Elliott on flickr photosharing

I’m sorry!

Howdy! Thanks for coming to my training, and thank you for your patience with a truly trying technical situation. I will be discussing the difficulties we had with ISET (the “tech” folks), so if you were planning on attending my session on April 23rd (“What’s New”) things should be better. Please fill out the online evaluation form here, or by clicking the Evaluation tab above. If you would like to hear more about trainings in the future, please put your email address at the widget in the top left column. I’m thinking in the future, that I’m only going to cover PowerPoint by itself, and I’ll do a training on online alternatives as a standalone training.

Here are the links for the training:

The presentation:

Background on PowerPoint design (the links in italics are “backups” and should be available at SCUSD even though these sites are blocked):

Resources to get pictures

Resources to make slideshows online as an alternative to PowerPoint, or if want to place a PowerPoint on a Web page

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