Fall CUE 2010 Napa Conference: Using Web 2.0 in the ELD Classroom

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Larry Ferlazzo and I are excited to be presenting at the CUE Fall conference in Napa, California. Our session is titled Using Web 2.0 in the ELD Classroom, and will feature some of the many online tools that we use for English Language Development in our classrooms. It should be a faced-paced, information-filled session, but so you don’t have to worry about missing anything, here is a list of the sites we will be showing:

Presenter Background

Larry Ferlazzo http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/

Alice Mercer http://amercerportfolio.edublogs.org

Building Relationships

Larry’s Links

Alice’s Links

Build Language 

Larry’s Links

Alice’s Links

Online Class Pairing   

Online Resource Sites

Here some “extra-bonus” links from the session that didn’t make it into the orignal:

English Learner Sites

How to Set-up some of these tools

Please leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions!

CUE 2010

I will be attending, and presenting at  CUE which is starting this Thursday. For those of you going, or just interested, here they are (click links for materials, etc.):

Using Technology Effectively with RTI @ the Diverse Learners Symposium

Description: Is your district or school implementing Response to Intervention (RTI) for meeting special education requirements? Wondering how technology can help? Check out this informative session to find out how to use technology as an intervention with students and to manage and track what you are doing.
When: Thursday 11 – 12
Location: Tapestry Hilton Hotel

Including Technology in your Unit Planning Using Understanding by Design (UbD) @ CUE Unplugged

CUE Unplugged will run on Thursday and Friday, concurrently with CUE. I’m hoping to get Chris Lehmann as a special guest for my preso (his time permitting).

7 Things to Do with a Smarter Phone at DEN’s 7 x 7: Sharing with the STARs

This will largely be based on this post, only really condensed and not talking about specific apps.

I will spend much of my time at the conference helping out at CUE Unplugged. Here is my schedule so far:

ILC Presentation: Technology for English Language Development

I will be doing a presentation at the ILC (Innovative Learning Conference) on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Here is my outline:

  • Theoretical underpinnings of English Language Development
  • English Language Development Standards
  • Instructional methods and the tools to make it happen
    • Visual and Vocabulary Support
    • Multi-media projects to support writing and oral language development
  • Projects that show how it’s done

My slides:

and my links: